On Farm or Mobile Reproduction Services

Why Use Our Services?

With growing concerns for our horses’ health, and the threats of Contagious Equine Metritis, Equine Infectious Anemia, Equine Viral Areteritis (EVA), West Nile Virus, and a large number of other contagions, why risk sending your valuable stallion to an outside facility? Our mobile service comes to you, reducing risk of disease transmission, and helping with the older, less mobile horse. We reduce the transporting costs and enable you to educate yourself in new reproductive technologies and apply them on your own farm! Contact us for our fees

For clients that wish to ship their stallions off-site for semen collection, we will again offer this service for the breeding season to Iron Horse Equine clients. Please contact us for details of our new facility in Campbellville, ON – Quarantine will be available.

What Services Do We Offer

Stallion Semen Collection

stud collection

We offer the following for Equine, Bovine, Canine and Ovine

Collection Services

Freezing services

Semen Storage

Evaluation Service

Other Services

International Shipments

Broodmare Management

Foaling Services

Educational Workshops

Set up Your Own Facility

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Semen Evaluations