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Collection Services

This service is for cooled, transported semen. The stallion is collected using a phantom mare or mare in heat, the semen extended and prepared for transport in the owners container, then shipped appropriately by the owner.

Freezing services

We will collect from the stallion to obtain a sample for freezing. The sample will be tested to see if the semen can be frozen. If the first sample does freeze well, the owner will arrange to store the frozen samples for long-term storage. A test freeze comprises splitting an ejaculate into several extenders to determine the ideal extender for the stallion’s semen.

Semen Storage

After freezing semen from your stallion, you may choose to store the semen with us. We can store the semen, catalogue and ship throughout North America.

Evaluation Service

A stallions’ semen can be sent to our facility for evaluation purposes. This service can be done onsite as well, the stallion will be collected at your farm, and semen evaluated for criteria pertinent to the owner’s request. A standard evaluation includes motility and membrane integrity at 24 and 48 hours. A more comprehensive evaluation includes a capacitation status and acrosomal integrity evaluation.


Broodmare Management

Our new facility was designed for the broodmare in mind, with large, light, roomy stalls, wide hallways and individual turnout if needed. We can take care of the breeding of your mare with our trained staff and our reproduction specialist on hand to help guide you through the process.

Foaling Services

The best time of the year is foaling season! Waiting for the babies to arrive is always a difficult time. We have large airy stalls available to welcome little ones into our wonderful world of horses! We have stalls designed with windows to watch the mares closely but still be unseen, cameras to monitor the nervous mom and if needed, the OVC is only 20 minutes away.

Other Services:

Educational Workshops

If you have an on site lab or facility, or you are just starting in the breeding business, we can come to teach on the aspects of reproduction. Each workshop can be suited to your needs.

Set up Your Own Facility

We can help you set up your own home facility for servicing your customers directly. We can enable you to meet the demands of today’s market and expand your stallions’ book.