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Our Goal

The goal of Iron Horse Equine is to provide accurate, up to date information on subjects pertaining to horse management and reproduction. We provide a range of commercial services to help horse industry members attain their breeding goals and reach to the future with new technologies.

Who We Are

Iron Horse Equine was formed in October 2003, by our founding member, Deb Ottier. After graduating from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, our key member, Deb Ottier, pursued a career in research. While working at the Equine Research Centre in Guelph, Ontario, Deb conducted research in the area of reproduction, covering topics such as collection, semen evaluation techniques, extender evaluation, embryo recovery, and fertility of frozen semen. Deb set up a certification program via Distance Learning on the aspects of Horse Management. Deb continued her educational pursuits in undertaking a Masters degree in reproductive physiology from Guelph as well. Deb continues to work with industry leaders to maintain and enhance current certificate level programs.

Specializing in cryopreservation of sperm and embryos, Iron Horse Equine has over 25 years of breeding experience to help in any breeding endeavour. We use advanced reproductive technology and have clients all over Canada and the World. We are a licensed facility for shipping stallion semen Internationally.

Standing the following Stallions for 2023:

Caetano TH (Lusitano)

Cold Hard Dash (QH)

Darwin IHE (CSH)

Maryland Magic (QH)

Peighnt Your Fate (QH)

Spy for the Senate (QH)

 Rash R

We have frozen semen eligible for Europe, Australia and New Zealand from the following stallions:

Johnny William (Standardbred)


We have frozen semen available for Europe from the following stallions:

Darwin IHE

Rash R


We have frozen semen from some of the greatest Standardbreds of all time including Archangel, EL Titan, Balanced Image, Angus Hall, Apaches Fame, Duke of York, Federal Flex, Holiday Road, Rustler Hanover, Berndt Hanover, Johnny William, Modern Art and the great Camluck!! (to name a few)

Interested in having your  semen frozen? We can freeze onsite to minimize CFIA paperwork and can ship anywhere in the world!! Pregnancies have been achieved with all of these stallions worldwide!!  We have our CFIA approval and can take your stallion at anytime and, depending upon how many doses you wish to ship, can get the job done in less then 2 months…

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We have some frozen semen from stallions that have not paid their storage fees.  Click here for a list of these stallions to get a deal on all the frozen semen in our storage.

Want to know more on Embryo Transfer and Embryo Freezing?

Contact us for details on services provided. We are working with Dr. Rex Crawford and Dr. Reudi Waelchi of Dufferin Veterinary Services to provide these services.