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TXA Rumble

Iron Horse Equine has a new division called Iron Horse Canine which will specialize in freezing of dog semen. Owners can collect their stud dogs themselves, or have us perform the collection. We can freeze the semen and store it for later use at the owners request. Why freeze a dogs semen? Most use this type of technology to bank semen from superior animals and use it as insurance if the stud dog was to hurt himself or die. Others use this as a back up to a fresh semen program such that if the stud dog is busy showing, he can still perform his reproductive duties without ever missing a step!

Cost is $150 plus HST for semen collection, then $600 plus HST per collection banked. The average stud dog provides 3-5 doses, depending upon testicle size and semen quality. Storage cost is $15 per month plus HST for up to 10 doses, $20 per month plus HST for 11-20 doses.

There may be mileage fees of $0.55/km if travel is in excess of one hour from our location in Campbellville. Contact us for details.