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Lessons at Iron Horse Equine Reproduction Centre!

Our head coach here at Iron Horse Equine is Deb Ottier.  She had her coaching certification many years ago but decided to pursue her career in reproduction so did not keep this certification up to date.   She can teach up to intermediate level riders and beginner driving lessons.  Here is a link to our lesson

Stronger as a Team

We are super excited to announce our new location and another exciting opportunity to join our team!  Now located in Campbellville, ON, we are now expanding our team to include a volunteer team!!  Sign up now!

Hello world!

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Dedicated & Friendly Instructors

Deb Ottier has been teaching various aspects of horse management for many years.  She enjoys watching her students learn and utilize their skills in a variety of ways.  Joined by Alex Mitchell, our team can take you to the next level of riding!

What we do at Iron Horse Equine

Here is a short video of what we do at Iron Horse Equine. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. HELEN KELLER – (Author of The Story of My Life) From idea to reality, you can see the results