Specializing in cryopreservation of sperm and embryos, Iron Horse Equine has over 25 years ofbreeding experience to help in any breeding endeavour. We use advanced reproductive technology and have clients all over Canada and the World. We are a licensed facility for shipping stallion semen Internationally.

Our key member, Debra Ottier has completed a BSc in Agriculture, specializing in Animal Nutrition and Science as well as a MSc in Reproductive Physiology specializing in frozen semen in horses.  She has completed research in freezing bovine sperm, canine sperm and also in a variety of other areas other then reproduction.  Debra worked at the former Equine Research Center at the UoGuelph where she undertook research in the area of reproduction, but also set up a distance learning program which reached international students.  Debra continues to help breeders learn by hosting workshops, giving information on a variety of areas of horse management and writes articles for a number of papers and magazines.

We have banked semen from over 250 stallions, worked with over 2000 studs, over 3500 horses and still growing!! Let our experience help you with your breeding endeavours!!